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We’re a friendly bunch with a keen interest in decent nutrition, an active lifestyle and a healthy mindset. It’s our aim to publish some awesome content that will hopefully help more people out in their fitness and nutrition journey.

Whether that’s from reading our mega protein recipe lists, from picking a decent protein powder from all those that we’ve actually reviewed, or by using one of our quality discount codes when making a purchase with the knowledge that it actually works!

Meet The Team

We have a small team of writers, discount and deal hunters, reviewers and editors that keep the site running and up to date. The people listed below are responsible for the content you’ll find across Protein Promo. To find out more about us, check out our individual bio pages below.

How We Got To Today

For years whilst studying at University I’d been buying whey protein powder and a couple of other supplements. I had no idea what I was doing. Do I buy the overpriced stuff at the front desk at the gym? What’s a good website to buy from? What’s the difference between all the different protein powders? Do I go and spend £35 on a vile flavour? Is this website genuine?

Cutting through the clutter took a while but I soon got the hang of it and became a regular sports nutrition shopper. I’d always be looking around for a discount code and was constantly getting frustrated with all the deal and voucher sites. Their deals were either wrongly worded, expired or the coupon was actually someones referral code that had been pasted online.


With a web development degree in my pocket and several years of Internet marketing experience, I thought I’d take a shot at making a decent website dedicated to helping people save money on their protein, sports nutrition, health and fitness purchases.


It wasn’t long before Christmas and I was in the gym trying to make room for the incoming turkey and stuffing sandwiches. I’d had the idea to create the site for a long time, so I chose the domain name proteinpromo.com as I felt it summarised the purpose of the site nicely whilst also not just sounding like a generic deal site. I wanted something to tie it to the fitness industry – and given that protein is a main focus of the site it seemed perfect.


ProteinPromo was founded on the 10th December 2015.

A Growth Spurt

Things started slowly, they usually do when it comes to websites. I got the basics into place so that deals and offers could be posted. I started adding some complimentary guides and informational based pages to add a little credibility and make sure we just weren’t seen as a paper thin spammy deals and discounts site.

Over time we developed the site more and more. Visual changes, development changes and a better plan moving forward meant that we started to gain good levels of traffic and build up our social channels along the way. We managed to fill our Instagram feed full of epic food shots, whilst also complimenting our detailed product reviews with some stunning photos to give readers a better idea about what they might want to purchase.

Over time we’ve added a huge amount of new pages to the site, and our discount code section is getting some serious love from all the happy customers that are saving money.

Future Plans

We’re not done yet. More deals, more reviews, more photos are all on the way. We plan on adding more exclusive offers on a weekly basis and working hard to ensure everything that’s been listed is accurate and still works.

How The Business Works

Read how we keep ourselves fed by reading our how this site operates page…which is a fancy way of wording our affiliate/earnings disclosure!

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