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Who Are Muscle Food?

Muscle Food are a British online retailer basing in Nottingham, UK. They sell various high protein foods including lean meat, protein powder and supplements. They were founded in 2013 by Darren Beale and have since gone on to win Specialist Online Retailer of the Year at the Grocer Gold Awards in 2018.

How to contact muscle food?

You can contact Muscle Food via their contact page at the bottom of your website. Alternatively you can reach Muscle Food via Facebook or Twitter.

What are MuscleFood Loyalty Points?

Muscle Food loyalty points are automatically added to your account after placing an order. Each point is worth a penny and can be used for money off your future orders.

How do I cancel my muscle food order?

As many Muscle Food products are perishable, difficulties cancelling an order may occur. According to their terms and conditions, customers may be able to cancel an order up to 48 hours before the delivery date by emailing or calling their customer service number.

Where does muscle food meat come from?

Muscle Food meat comes from a variety of locations as disclosed on their Quality Guaranteed page. The beef is sourced from both British and Irish farms where the cattle is grass fed, and reared outside in a natural environment.

Where is muscle food chicken from?

Muscle Food state that all their meat comes from reputable farms where aninimal welfare standards are met. They do not specifically mention the location from where their chicken is from.

Is muscle food chicken free range?

When Muscle Food first launched, much of their chicken was free range. At the time of writing, the website doesn't currently state whether their chicken is free range or not.

Is muscle food chicken halal?

Muscle Food does not state that their chicken is halal. Several years ago there was a specific page set up to showcase their halal range, but this currently leads to a page not found error.

Can you freeze muscle food meat?

All Muscle Food meat is suitable for freezing for up to three months. It is advised that the meat is frozen shortly after you receive it.

Can muscle food sausages be cooked from frozen?

Muscle Food sausages can be cooked from frozen, both the chicken and the pork. Check the packet to see if it advises you to let them thaw out before cooking.

What does it mean to do the unthinkable?

Muscle Food extended their product range in 2018 by entering the fitness and exercise market. Their Do The Unthinkable plan gives customers a tailored exercise and nutrition plan over a course of 12 weeks. It gives customers the ideal nutrition plan and exercise regime they need to reach the goal they specified when joining. Customers also gain access to a private Facebook group, online personal trainer consultation sessions, and weekly live videos.

Sample Muscle Food Discount Codes

How To Enter Your Discount Code On The Muscle Food Site

Claiming an offer with Musclefood is easy. If you’ve ever shopped with MyProtein and grabbed a voucher there then you’ll know exactly what to do here. Musclefood’s codes work in the same way.

We’ve listed their weekly deals, some new promotions along with their best sellers and vouchers. Our exclusive deals and voucher codes are also listed at the top of the page, including our favourite £5 off your order coupon code.

1. Find A Muscle Food Discount Code Or Deal You Like

Click the green button to either reveal the voucher code, or head straight to Muscle Food if it’s just a deal that you wish to claim.

2. Your Muscle Food Offer Will Open In a New Tab

Clicking one of the green ‘Reveal code’ buttons will open a new tab, with a box showing the discount code and a link to continue on to Muscle Food. You need to click the link in order to activate the code. If it’s just a ‘Claim This Offer’ button that you clicked then you don’t need to worry about copying any codes.

3. Choose Your Items and Proceed to Checkout

Pick the items from MuscleFood that you’re interested in purchasing, along with the premium products on offer. Proceed to the checkout once you’ve done your shop!

The box on the checkout page

4. Paste The Code Into The ‘Discount/Hidden Code’ Box

  • When viewing your basket, there’s a small box on the left-hand side for “Hidden” codes.
  • Paste the musclefood voucher code that you copied from us into the box and click the ‘APPLY’ button.

Musclefood discount codes should then be activated and you should see the reduced basket total.

What’s New For 2019 At MuscleFood?

Lots! MuscleFood now allow customers to build their own hamper. It gives you the ability to add 16 different products from a range of 30 of their best selling items and snacks, including poultry, steaks, mince, favourites, essentials and vouchers.

The example bundle I just created below would have cost me over £83, but with the build your bundle discount it comes to an incredible £60.

muscle food build your own bundle screenshot

The example bundle I just threw together – with a massive £20+ saving!

MuscleFood pizzas are now in supermarkets with more on the way. The ever popular protein packed pizzas that we reviewed back in 2016 are now being sold across a number of British supermarkets. We’ve spotted protein snacks and crisp bites for sale in pound shops and other convenience stores, and reports suggest that Muscle Food will be expanding the number of products sold in high street stores and supermarkets.

Earlier this year plenty people were contacting us about a MuscleFood recall. The company had to recall a number of its products due to a supply issue. Customers affected were re-imbursed or given fresh products.

Since then Muscle Food have grown considerably, announcing their annual turnover to be over £50 million in the last financial year. Their explosive growth across the UK and new markets such as their Muscle Food Germany shop have seen them being awarded with the ‘specialist online food retailer of the year’ at the Grocer Gold Awards.

Why Choose Musclefood For Your Nutritional Needs

There are many reasons why you could have ended up on this website, but the vast majority of our readers visit us because they are passionate about the quality of food they put into their body, and of course want a good discount code, deals or voucher code! They want to be confident that they are buying the best quality muscle food products, from a company that has built a reputation on building muscle with top quality food, matched to first class customer service.

Musclefood demand and ensure that you get the leanest cuts of muscle meat, by demanding the highest standards from the birth to food on the table. All of their latest 2019 meats have nothing added to them including water, salt or additives. When you buy any of their grass fed meat and turkey using your vouchers and codes, you will get the finest grass fed cuts, with the fat removed at source. Whether you are eating to gain an edge when playing fitness sports, build muscle bulk and shopping with Bulk Powders, or trying to lose weight this 2017, Musclefood delivers the best quality tasty food and snacks straight to your door every single time along with the best exclusive 2019 premium coupons for your order, latest promo vouchers and allows you to save money with their active and popular daily codes.


Musclefood delivery and packaging - get 10% off this with working promo code

Musclefood delivery codes and current packaging

Whatever your meat of choice, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb or duck, Musclefood demands the same attention to detail and top class quality coupons, and it shows in their meat hampers. Once our customers have experienced their produce, most people are surprised at just how great real grass fed meat can taste. You cannot imitate quality food or meats, and you can be totally confident that you are providing your muscle and body with the best meats and direct nutrition possible.

Musclefood are an online supplier of lean meat nutritional products, like LA Muscle, which means that they have substantially lower overheads that their competition and can provide the hampers discount codes that they do. This translates to ultra-competitive pricing which the company passes on to its customers in 2017. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the finest quality muscle food cuts of premium meat such as turkey at fantastic prices, today and every week.

The other real benefit that Musclefood brings to the table is their fresh dairy knowledge, promo deals, passion, hampers and focus on proper nutrition, lean meat and food. Similar to GoNutrition who always have the customer’s goal in mind, muscle food is a company that has a laser-like vision; they do not dabble in other household items, food, vouchers or products that have no proven nutritional benefit. If you are focused and determined to feed your muscle and body with the best quality food in 2019, then Musclefood is the company you need to be purchasing your food hampers from in 2019 with your discount codes.

Don’t just take out word for it, however, visit the Musclefood vouchers/reviews site, and read all of the glowing testimonials from hundreds of satisfied musclefood customers on hotukdeals too. When a company receives so many glowing testimonials, it speaks volumes about the quality of their products. They’re the don of online meat, nuts and discount codes!

Musclefood understands that for those lean fitness athletes who are training, while white meat may be your main source of nutritional food, even the most dedicated of athletes enjoys a bit of variety in their diet. The people behind Musclefood don’t just sell their food or hampers, they consume it as well, so they fully understand the importance of savings and variety to ensure the motivation in the muscle remains. As a consequence, Musclefood offers a wide variety of options, which we shall look at now for use with your promo vouchers.

Even though we mentioned the selectiion/variety of musclefood discount code and latest options available, Chicken is and always will be most body builder’s food or premium meat of choice when building muscle. So let’s start with the cost and value of the chicken from Musclefood. At the time of writing this review, in June 2018, the total cost for one full chicken and 5 KG of premium chicken fillets was a mind blowing £31.00 with no promo deals or coupon active. And believe it or not sometimes when the company runs their various selection of promotions, you can get your chicken fix even cheaper than this. Amazing! £24 for 5KG of chicken is far superior to any discounts/vouchers/savings that you can get elsewhere, even when the supermarkets are selling it discounted at less than £24.

If we compare a musclefood chicken or turkey hamper with a selection of certain supermarkets in the UK, the total cost for the same amount of chicken comes to £37.00; this might only be a save six pounds but remember every little helps! These exclusive 2017 savings allow you to enjoy spending your money elsewhere, like towards an exclusive musclefood promo hamper as a gift.

Musclefood Chicken

Even though we mentioned the selection/variety of vouchers, discount codes and latest options available, Chicken is and always will be most body builder’s food or premium meat of choice when building muscle. So let’s start with the cost and value of the chicken from Musclefood. At the time of writing this review, in June 2017, the total cost for one full chicken and 5 KG of premium chicken fillets was a mind blowing £31.00 with no promo deals or coupon active. And believe it or not sometimes when the company runs their various promotions, you can get your chicken fix even cheaper than this. Amazing! £24 for 5KG of chicken is far superior to any discounts/savings that you can get elsewhere, even when the supermarkets are selling it discounted at less than £24.

If we compare musclefood with a certain supermarket in the UK, the total cost for the same amount of chicken comes to £37.00; this might only be a save six pounds but remember every little helps! These exclusive 2017 savings allow you to enjoy spending your money elsewhere, like towards an exclusive musclefood promo hamper as a gift.


Musclefood chicken - free for new customers when using our discount code

Obviously, the taste and texture of the meat on offer is subjective, and due to the lower discounts and latest pricing structure, many people might imagine that the lower musclefood promo price will correspond with a similar direct drop in quality in their meals. In our opinion, the food from Musclefood looked and tasted superior in every way, and having regularly ordered for the past five months using our loyalty vouchers, codes and points, the quality and standard of the meat has always remained top notch – lean and fresh. As you might have gathered our entire family have been suitably impressed with our new fresh muscle supplier, and we have introduced our friends to the company musclefood as well, so confident are we in the quality of their codes and vouchers.

The size of each breast voucher has to be seen to be believed, so much so that in our house it has become a tradition to save or weigh each one before cooking your meats. Discount codes and deals on discount sites like vouchers hotukdeals discount codes aside, we have yet to find a chicken breast hamper or turkey hamper that is under 200g, try finding one of those in your local food supermarket discounts isle. One obvious sign of cheap chicken that has been beefed up (excuse the pun) with added water is that when cooked the size of the chicken will miraculously shrink. Well, needless to report that has never happened in our kitchen, and even though my wife might claim that is due to her culinary skills, I prefer to believe it is due to the quality of the musclefood ingredients and vouchers we used.

Obviously, I have no way of knowing the size of your family or how often you choose to enjoy chicken for your exclusive food or main meal, but in our case when sports shopping on hotukdeals, the deals and current premium savings I make and the size of the product is important, so the 5kg pack hamper plus the one full chicken is more than enough to last the whole month and give us plenty to choose from. I simply cannot stress the value, discount codes or quality you are getting here enough, even when discounts are applied; it will blow you away.

The Red Meat Bundle Is An Absolute Cracker For Active Fitness People

I frankly don’t care how dedicated to your healthy sports diet or supplements you are or fuel your muscle with food, and how beneficial chicken is, everyone loves a large portion of red meat when watching sports. After all, there is nothing as satisfying as a big lump of super lean steak cooked to perfection being set down in front of you especially when you save money on it. And what makes this even better is that MuscleFood even delivers the package direct to your door, before 5Pm at the latest. Now if only they stayed and cooked it for you then all would be perfect in the world.

The musclefood meals pack I tested came with super lean Rump steak, British Hache steaks, and a big dollop of sausage packs, and an exclusive discount code for myself. Much as I like the odd exclusive sausage, the minute my package arrived musclefood steak was on the menu for that hour of the night.

Musclefood matured steak - use our 10% off code to save

Musclefood matured steak

Ten premium steaks all weighing between 6 to 7 oz and matured for 35 days. The cost of all these steaks was £29.00 which for those who are mathematically challenged equates to about 2.90 per steak – a nice save. Try going to one of our local supermarkets and getting a piece of steak of this quality, taste and size for the musclefood 2019 latest price of £2.90 and you could be gone for some time.

The taste is of the musclefood meat is stunning, and even well done, the meat just exudes flavour and melts in the mouth. The only real negative to these steaks is that they taste so darn good, you will probably want more than one, but at these prices, it won’t break the bank if you use a discount voucher code. Use one of our £5 off discount codes and save yourself some money on your latest gidt shop.


I am a big fan of musclefood sausages, but always concerned that they are stuffed with poor quality meat, lots of fillers, and are probably not the best source of valid protein for my body or muscle. At £3.20 for six these compared reasonably with a supermarket price, but that was about the only place where there was any comparison.

First and foremost these sausages are made from 70 percent pork, with just a tad of seasoning added. If ever you fancy a portion of sausages to kick your day off, this is the healthy and tasty way to do it, and certainly a better option than popping into your local greasy spoon for some food.

Great British Hache Steaks

Before these arrived from musclefood I had no idea what a Hache steak was, I have never been particularly interested in all that poncy fitness food that looks good, but is gone inside two bites. So let’s be brutally honest here, as far as I am concerned these are burgers. Damn good burgers, but there is no need to try and create a new name for a good old fashioned burger.

These Hache Steaks are up there on the same level as a top quality popular burger food restaurant, but a damn site cheaper. Even more so with the deals that musclefood run each week. Each burger provides approximately 35.7g of protein, 1.53g of Carbs and 17g of Fat. They are 94 percent beef, and what impressed me the most was the fact that they don’t shrink at all when cooking. Such a bargain to get in June 2017 when the price of everything else seems to be creeeping up. Coupon shopping is massive at the moment, but deals aside the size of the food on my plate is what matters too. I don’t know about you, but nothing pisses me off more when you cook a burger than ends up half the size it started.

For the majority of people reading this page, it’s all about the verified and working discount codes. This may be the proverbial teaching you how to suck eggs but bear in mind that these discounted burgers will naturally contain more saturated fat, than a steak or whatever, so are much more suited to those looking to bulk up, rather than lean muscle mass. Both bodybuilders and those looking to trim fat around their muscle can save with these deals and coupons.

While nearly every fitness fanatic extols the virtues of chicken, you simply cannot eat that every single day. Even if you’re churning your way through the latest round of muscle food chicken offers and vouchers, you need something different in your diet. I have been hunting high and low for a quality supplier of discount codes for red meat, that wasn’t overly fatty, tasted great and was reasonably priced. Grab a voucher and get yourself some of these, especially in July or August when it’s barbeque food weather.

It took a lot of hunting, but I am delighted with all three of the red meat products and codes I tried, and I have already ordered some of their bacon at a discount too. I know bacon isn’t perhaps the best meat for our lifestyle, but everyone is entitled to a treat now and then, especially when you used discount codes for your 2017 order.

The fact that the company muscle food delivers their packages direct to your door means that you don’t have to waste so much time walking around the supermarket looking for hudden codes and vouchers, and let’s be honest that’s a huge bonus as well, along with the original discount on your order.

Kangaroo Steak

In terms of sheer quantity and value for money these Kangaroo steaks are amazing. On a positive note, Kangaroo steaks offer one of the best nutritional profiles on the market, and they certainly tasted fine to me.

If you’re anything like me you will be shocked to discover, that 2 promo codes for five oz steaks will only cost you six quid with a voucher or discount code. It could also be quite fun to cook the other steak for your partner and see if they enjoy it before telling them where the meat came from and the coupon codes you used to shop with. The special scores on the doors are as follows:


  • Energy 131.3kcal.
  • Protein 29.8g.
  • Carbs 0.13g.
  • Fat 1.4g.

Take a close look at those figures again; it’s like the perfect meat, 98 percent fat-free and very low in cholesterol. Provided you have no affiliation to Skippy or Kangaroo’s, in general, this could quickly become one of your favourite sources of nutrition..

What About Protein Pizza?

As soon as I saw pizza on their updated 2017 website, I was hitting the order button instantly within seconds. After all, Musclefood is an online store offering top quality nutritional food, so I was pretty confident that this pizza must be good enough to put into my body.

I don’t even know how they managed it, but protein pizza is low calorie, contains 70g of protein and has five times fewer carbs than ordinary pizza. It felt like all my Christmases had come at once, and when I used my codes tasted one, the reality was even better than I had hoped for.

What’s more, there are loads of really tasty flavours, especially for those who enjoy spicy foods. At the time of writing the pizza’s which each cost £4.95 with no vouchers or codes, come checked in the following options:

Musclefood protein pizza which can be claimed by new customers using our discount code


  • Pulled Beef Protein
  • Mighty Meat High Protein
  • Spicy Beef And Jalapeno High Protein
  • Hell Fire Chicken Protein
  • Chicken And Pepper High Protein
  • Hot Peri Peri Chicken Protein
  • Pulled Pork Protein Pizza
  • Lemon And Herb Chicken Protein
  • Ham And Mushroom High Protein

What’s more, they even offer a gluten free cheesy garlic bread, how awesome is that? Now it has to be said that these muscle food pizzas are not quite as tasty as the calorie filled junk of a takeaway version, but they are much much better for you, cheaper with a discount code, and for those of us who miss the naughty stuff they offer the perfect lean compromise.


Choosing a healthier fitness lifestyle, especially one that is focused on building body mass, and cutting out fat can be boring, expensive and challenging. Not only do you have to plan and choose your meals properly, but you also have to find a shop that provides good quality discounted food, at a reasonable price, in your local neighborhood. Thankfully muscle food solve all these problems, and with their vast range of discounts, coupons and voucher codes, you’re bound to come away feeling satisfied and give your muscle a gift.

Musclefood solves every single one of these challenges in one hit with their 2019 coupons. You get excellent food time after time, supplied by a company who understands and aims to provide high-quality nutritional food. They offer a wide and varied range of options, and to top it all off; they deliver your order direct to your door.

If you were to sit down and write out a list of all of the things you would want in your perfect food supplier, then the offering from Musclefood is pretty much perfect. It is hard to explain in a review just how delicious the meat tastes; it actually left me a little frustrated and angry at the quality of the food I was buying previously.

You can control many things in your life, your exercise regime, your sleep pattern, your recovery period, but the food you eat is to a certain extent out of your control. All you can do is do your due diligence, and find the best quality food money can buy.

I have been so impressed with everything I have tried from Musclefood, so much so that I have even recommended them to all of my friends and family and I have also taken the time and effort to write these reviews.

In my honest opinion, I have never tasted meat of such high quality, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Musclefood for all of your meat requirements. The prices are extremely competitive, and the customer service is amazing.

Use Our Muscle Food Deals To Try Your First Order

If you’ve been struggling to find a good quality supply of meat, then give Musclefood a try, I will be shocked if you are not as delighted with your food experience as I have been. If you look higher up the page, you will also find some vouchers and codes that will give you extra discount making your purchases even more of a bargain. If you’re unsure about ordering, use our exclusive 10% off discount code and also claim your voucher for the £10 worth of free gifts for new customers. Spend over £75 and get free delivery from Musclefood.