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How To Use A GoNutrition Voucher Code

  1. Click on one of our blue 'Click Here To Reveal Promo Code' links on this page when you've found a promotional code that you want to use.
  2. GoNutrition will open in a new tab. Keep Protein Promo open - a blue box should have appeared. This contains your discount code - copy it or make note of it.
  3. Shop for the products on GoNutrition that you want to buy. When done, click the link to go to the checkout/basket. Clicking the shopping trolley icon in the top-right corner of the website will take you there.
  4. On the left hand side of the page, you should see the 'Voucher Codes' box. Paste or type your voucher code into the box and click the 'USE CODE' button.
  5. We've screenshot the basket page so you can see where to enter the voucher code, and where to see confirmation of the discount.

[caption id="attachment_1975" align="aligncenter" width="750"]The GoNutrition Basket Page Paste in your GoNutrition voucher code. It's pretty straightforward - quick and easy money savings![/caption]

Why Shop With GoNutrition

Whilst many fitness and sports nutrition websites share similarities in terms of style and product range, GoNutrition is committed to offering the very best products without cutting cost. The huge boom in the last decade of this industry has caused business owners to mass produce protein, meat and other fitness supplements. Oliver believes that the quality of the goods themselves, and by the service offered has reflected this.

Given that GoNutrition was funded by Oliver himself, he believes that not having any investors or bank managers to answer to allows him to focus on the quality of the protein and other products - rather than solely being focused on profits.

People may be quick to jump to the conclusion that this makes them more expensive than their competitors - but it’s quick to see why this is just an assumption.

Student Discount

Gonutrition offer a student discount of 15% to verified students. Full details on being verified can be found here. GoNutrition have proved to be very competitive on price, and regularly have offers, discounts and promotion codes as featured on Protein Promo.

Free Delivery

Customers spending over £50 on goods excluding fresh meat will be able to get free delivery on their orders. Customers not wishing to spend over that threshold can take the standard delivery option of a very reasonable £1.99 for orders over £20. Full delivery details including express and next day delivery options with DPD - which includes hourly delivery slots and highly detailed tracking - can be seen on this page.


GoNutrition have a 14 day money back guarantee - meaning if you’re not happy with your order, they’ll refund it within 14 days. Customers will also have up to 30 days to exchange their product for a different flavour - or have reward points added to their account for future purchases.

The GoNutrition Website

The first time that you visit the GoNutrition website you are going to find at first glance that this is a refreshing and very useful place to be. You are not going to be hit with glaring pop up ads or distractions.

Proteins Section

One of the major products that is important to all those that have an interest in sports nutrition is protein and supplements. It can be a real challenge as to know which one is right for you. GoNutrition has two major goals when providing these products to clients. It goes without saying that they must be known as top quality.  The first goal is that the Company believes that you should have the option of choices but not to the point where this is overwhelming.  Here you will find a good selection geared towards meeting the various needs of sports nutrition.

The second goal is to make choosing these products easier and this has been done by putting them into categories. If you are looking for those formulated as healthy supplements then you will know immediately which they are, and the same for Protein and Amino Acids, just for example. This categorization makes it easy to make the right choices.

Lean Meats Section

One of the biggest problems that healthy eaters run into is finding a supplier of top quality lean meats. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy a variety of meats as long as they are lean. The GoNutrition goal is to offer you those varieties with the leanest cuts so you can enjoy a well-balanced but enjoyable sports diet.  GoNutrition insists on buying their lean meats from British high welfare farms, then utilizes the best butchers to prepare and hand trim every cut to ensure that they are as lean as possible. This is not the type of care that your regular butcher gives to the meat that you need to consume as part of your sports nutrition diet.

Healthy Ingredients

While there are many different sports nutrition outlets to use, it is far more convenient to use a company like GoNutrition who focuses on your total sports nutritional needs and not just one part of it. The Company believes that you should have one central location to be able to get everything you need to enhance your sports diet and your healthy lifestyle. This is why there is a full selection of products based on healthy ingredients.

It is recognized that serious sports buffs often have their own collection of recipes that they like to follow, but they are often faced with the challenge of not only getting quality ingredients but getting the right ones as well. This task is made easy with the healthy ingredients selection of foods. To make it even more exciting GoNutrition has a full selection of wonderful and easy to make recipes to help you develop your own healthy foods that are appealing to your personal tastes.


As an added convenience Go Nutrition also carries a wonderful selection of accessories, but only those that have value to the sports enthusiast and health conscious individuals.

New In section

Whenever GoNutrition has something new to offer it is easy for visitors to find. The “New In” section allows current customers to immediately find what has been added to the collection, and it is also useful for the new client.

GoNutrition Deals

GoNutrition knows how expensive it can be to stay sports healthy. Every effort is made to not only keep the prices of all the products as low as possible, but the Company is constantly developing promotions and deals that afford extra savings.

GoNutrition Offers Much More….

While GoNutrition is a company that caters to athletes at all levels, it is not only these individuals that can benefit or require a healthy lifestyle. There are many other groups and professionals who make this a priority. The entertainment industry is just one, for example. Then there are those who know that a healthy eating lifestyle is going to promote overall good health. GoNutrition encourages all walks of life to take advantage of the extensive line of top quality nutritional products that are offered.

GoNutrition Academy

GoNutrition has extended their commitment outreach by introducing the GoNutrition Academy. The Academy can be joined by those who have a need to reach specific target goals within the health and fitness realm.

Being accepted into the GoNutrition Academy will allow one to take advantage of many very important offerings that are only available to those that have become part of the this very unique and intense program.

Staying Informed

GoNutrition understands that those that are into sports nutrition and the health and fitness lifestyle want to stay informed as to what is going on within the various industries. To find out all kinds of exciting information and to stay in “the know” you can easily do so by checking out The Pulse, which is GoNutrition’s blog section.

Beginners Guides

If you are just entering into the sports world or are a mission to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition but are new to this, then you have come to the right place when you visit GoNutrition. Be sure to start by checking out the GoNutrition Guide Section. There is a wealth of information here that will help you get started with making the best choices because you will now be making informed decisions.

GoNutrition makes health food shopping easy. The checkout is super simple and there are a variety of payment options for convenience. The prices are most affordable and all of the products are backed with a 100% money back guarantee.