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How Do I Get Discount on MyProtein?

Use one of the ProteinPromo exlusive MyProtein discount codes above to get 35% off your total order value by entering our coupon code at the checkout. There are several other vouchers available which could save you up to 50% on your order. You will find various deals on MyProtein bundles that will include money off, free delivery, or free gifts depending on your total order value.

Is Myprotein Good Quality?

MyProtein have almost 30,000 reviews on their TrustPilot review page, of which over 65% scored their service and products at 5/5. Their Impact Whey Protein is a hugely popular product and is considered excellent value. it has been rated 83.6/100 on LabDoor, with their ingredient safety rating at 98% and their product purity rating at 90%. Each 100g of protein was found to contain 76.9g of protein which is considered fantastic.

Why Is Myprotein So Cheap? manufacture and sell their own protein. In fact, the vast majority of their products sold are manufactured in their world-class facility which has been rated AA grade for food safety by the British Retail Consortium.

How Do I Use My Myprotein Reward Points?

Reward points are assigned to your account each time you make a purchase or refer a friend to MyProtein. They can be redeemed against future purchases from your MyProtein account. Each 100 points would entitle you to £1 off your order. At the checkout you can click the 'Use MP Points' button to use your reward points in exchange for money off your total order value.

How Much Are My Myprotein Points Worth?

Each time you make a purchase on the website, you will be given 1 reward point for each £1 you spend. Therefore, each reward point is worth one penny.

What Is The MyProtein mystery gift?

From our experience, the MyProtein mystery gift is often a protein shaker, a water bottle or a selection of Impact Whey Protein sample sachets.

How Do I Cancel My MyProtein Order?

Orders can be cancelled partially or in full within your account. Items or the whole order will need to be cancelled before you receive the dispatch email.

Who Does MyProtein Use For Delivery?

The courier service that MyProtein use for their delivery will vary depending on the customer location. Many customers will receive their delivery from popular courier services such as DPD or Hermes. Customers will be notified of their delivery service upon dispatch of their order.

Are MyProtein Returns Free?

According to the MyProtein returns policy, customers can be reimbursed for the cost of returning items where the customer was sent the wrong item, a broken/damaged/faulty item, or where the customers does not wish to keep a substitute/replacement item.

What Shops Sell MyProtein Products

MyProtein products can also be purchased on Amazon and

When Do MyProtein Have Sales?

Myprotein regularly have a sale on. From the navigational bar, users can access either the offers page or the clearance page for details. MyProtein hold particularly large sales at traditionally popular times of the year in the fitness and nutrition industry, such as January, early summer and Black Friday.

What is Impact Whey?

Impact Whey is one of Myprotein's best selling protein powders. It is made from 100% premium grade whey protein concentrate. Each serving (25g) contains over 20g of protein.

How many servings does MyProtein Impact Whey have?

A bag of impact whey protein comes with a 25g serving scoop. Each bag of Impact Whey Protein (1KG) contains 40 servings.

How do you use MyProtein Impact Whey?

How To Take MyProtein Impact Whey Protein: Add 150ml - 250 ml of water, milk or nut milk to your protein shaker. Add a 25g serving of Impact Whey Protein (1 scoop). Shake well and serve cold.

How Many Calories Are In MyProtein Impact Whey Protein?

Each 25g serving of Impact Whey Protein contains 103 calories, of which around 82% is protein.

What's The Best MyProtein Flavour?

The MyProtein Impact Whey Protein comes in over fourty flavours! At ProteinPromo we recommend you stick to the traditional flavours such as Chocolate Smooth, Chocolate Brownie, Natural Banana, Strawberry Cream and Cookies and Cream.

How Many Grams Are In A Scoop?

MyProtein include a free plastic scoop in their protein and supplements. The blue MyProtein protein scoops are 25g each which is a recommended serving size. The small grey scoop that comes in a bag of creatine is 5g.

Where is MyProtein manufactured?

MyProtein have a large manufacturing facility in the UK. They have also recently established a large manufacturing plant in Kentucky, USA, as part of their ongoing expansion plans in the region.

Are MyProtein products tested?

MyProtein products have been tested by several expert bodies within the health, nutrition and food standards industries. Their Impact Whey Protein was tested by Labdoor and graded excellent.

How to Claim a Myprotein Discount Code

Our discount codes, mystery discount and vouchers for MyProtein are incredibly easy to use.

Myprotein discount codes - how to use them

  1. Start by finding a My Protein discount or Myprotein deal that meets your needs.

    These are regularly updated and checked on a daily basis to ensure they still work.

  2. You should click either the green “Reveal Code” button or the “View This Offer” button.

    Clicking “claim” is easiest, as this doesn’t require a code. It automatically reroutes you to the MyProtein website to show you the offer page.

  3. Follow the instructions on our Myprotein discount codes page to copy the coupon code.

    Once copied, continue to the MyProtein website.

  4. Finish shopping and proceed to the basket. Enter your MyProtein Discount Code in the discount code box. This is also known as a coupon code.

    You’ll be prompted to enter the myprotein discount code on this shopping basket page, as shown in the image below.
    myprotein enter discount code

  5. Your Myprotein discount should have been applied if the coupon code was in date and valid.

    You’ll see a small note in green explaining how much you’ve saved by using your myprotein discount code.
    myprotein enter discount code and checkout

Our exclusive offer is now activated. You’ll see the discount from the code reflected in the final price of your shopping cart.

Now all you have to do is finish the checkout process by entering your billing and shipping information.

You can only use one MyProtein discount code at once – so pick the best coupon code and use that.

That’s all there is to it – you have effectively used your MyProtein discount code to score a great deal on some of the best health and fitness supplements around!

We Dislike Out-of-Date Deals and Discount Codes as Much as You!

There’s no denying it – out-of-date vouchers are simply the worst!

What to Do If They Don't Work

That’s why our team checks all of the discount codes each morning. Those that aren’t active, or otherwise not working, are immediately taken down.

This practice ensures all the codes we offer are current. It greatly reduces the chances that you’ll attempt to use a discount that no longer works.

Better yet, we’re constantly tracking down and adding new codes. We want you to be able to choose from every code that’s currently active on MyProtein.

Report Out Of Date Discount and Coupon Codes To Us

Our efforts in this area ensure we provide the most up-to-date My Protein discount codes on the Internet.

Please use the contact page to let us know if something is out of date or not working, or the comment form under each offer.

SEE ALSO: Our deals for Myprotein Discount Code Canada customers.

What’s New At My Protein For 2019?

They are by far one of the biggest sports nutrition, equipment and clothing brands in the world. As a result, they’re constantly adding new products, content, advice and features to their website.

Myprotein Discount Codes And Offers : The Zone

One of their new additions is ‘The Zone’ – a collection of health, fitness, nutrition and sport advice for their fitness fans and customers. It features explanations of how products work, how they can help you reach your goal, general fitness and nutrition advice and news directly from their offices! All the content is written by their authors who all have the relevant qualifications and experience necessary to be advising their audience.

Discounts On Myprotein Clothing

The clothing range expansion has been huge over the last year. We’ve started featuring a lot more of their clothing deals and discounts on Protein Promo, as their small range of vests has grown to leggins for both males and females, sports bras, workout tops, hoodies and more.

The equipment range is ever expanding too with their wrist band, sweat bands, lifting straps, skipping ropes and more being popular on the site.

Myprotein Deals And Offers On Fat Binders

In terms of supplements, their fat binders were new for 2018. Different to fat burners, the fat binders aim to target fat before it enters the body. Whilst some may be skeptical, reviews are favourable on the product page with a score of 4.2 out of 5 at the time of writing.

Myprotein Deals And Offers On Easter Egg

Without a doubt one of the successes in 2018 was likely to have been their protein Easter Egg! Fitness fans over the world all love to indulge, and consuming protein powder regularly means plenty of us have a sweet tooth! They hit the nail on the head this year with their protein chocolate Easter egg!

Myprotein Deals and Vouchers On Chocolate

Definitely one to keep in mind for Easter 2019 – but for the meantime there is always their great range of high-protein chocolate – which is made by Cocoa+ and comes in 70g bars and is available in espresso, dark and milk chocolate flavours.

Myprotein Coupon Code FAQs

We’ve had a few messages asking is Myprotein bad for those who are lactose intolerant. We advise you checkout the Vegan Blend – which is their protein powder made specifically for vegans or those wishing to avoid having dairy products in their diet.

Discounts for Students

University takes a toll on many students. Not only does it drain you mentally, but it also makes it hard to find time to exercise and stay in shape.

MyProtein knows this. They understand the struggle of students and want to help. That’s why they offer a variety of discounts specifically for students.

The company knows that most students are tight on money. That’s another reason they reserve some of their best discounts for those currently going through university.

The nutrition supplements offered by MyProtein aid students in many ways. First and foremost, they contribute to better health.

MyProtein supplements ensure students receive all the nutrients they need. Getting the proper nutrients is pivotal to maintaining proper mental health.

Good mental health not only keeps students happy, but it also improves their grades and overall quality of life.

Eating healthy and receiving all the nutrients you need also makes it easier to sleep and recover from the strain of class.

Finally, those students that do find the time to work out on a regular basis will reap the rewards of MyProtein supplements the same way that athletes do.

Myprotein Discount Code Information

The MyProtein discount codes program enables you to try MyProtein supplements, vitamins, and protein powders at a fraction of the normal cost.

The discounts range anywhere from free delivery to percentage discounts. Some of the best discounts are reserved especially for use by students.

Myprotein Discount Code : Checked Daily

The codes provided are checked on a daily basis to ensure they still work. That means you won’t get stuck with out-of-date vouchers that no longer work.

Some of the best MyProtein discounts are for first-time users. The company wants new customers to feel confident in their purchases.

Myprotein Discount Code : Free Gifts

In addition to stellar deals on their products, MyProtein often throws in gifts with each purchase from a new customer.

And these aren’t the kind of gifts you’ll soon discard. Instead, they’re helpful gifts that give an even better idea of what the company is all about. An example is a free protein sample of their latest protein powder product.

The deals are all designed to save you a bundle on every order. We know that you don’t have money coming out of your ears – but we also know you’re committed to fitness.

Our discount codes for MyProtein make using these special promo codes as easy as possible to save you as much money on each order as possible.

Benefits of MyProtein Discount Codes

The benefits of these discount codes are obvious: they net you the best deals on MyProtein products.

The facts cannot be disputed. Creating health supplements as high quality as those from MyProtein costs a lot of money.

The products are expensive but are well worth the price.

At the same time, who doesn’t want to get them for cheaper? We know that we do. That’s why we bring you the best discount codes to help you save money on each order.

These savings not only help you save money, but they also give you more leeway for experimentation with other MyProtein supplements.

Is there a supplement you’ve always wanted to try? Score a deal with a discount code and feel free to experiment.

The savings also mean you’ll be able to purchase more supplements at once. Select a few that complement each other for the absolute best results.

Indeed, that’s the prime benefit of MyProtein discount codes. You get the best supplements at an even lower price.

These supplements are specifically designed to help you accomplish your fitness goals. Simply visit the MyProtein page and sort through their products by your sport.

You can also sort through their products based on your gender.

Unlike many health supplement manufacturers, MyProtein creates products specifically for the male and female bodies. This makes them even more effective.

No matter your personal goals, the supplements from MyProtein are sure to help you accomplish them.

MyProtein Reward Points

MyProtein offers a very good reward points program for its loyal customers.

  • You earn more of these points each time you buy items from MyProtein. You can also earn points by referring others to MyProtein.
  • Join the MyProtein Reward Points program by creating an online account with MyProtein. The points are then added automatically each time you shop.
  • For referrals, you must give the person you’re referring your MyProtein Referral Code. This is a unique code that applies only to your account.
  • The person you’re referring must then use this code when they create their account. If the code is not used, you won’t receive the rewards points you’re due.
  • Racking up points with the MyProtein rewards program is easy. You’ll soon have enough to qualify for discounts before long.
  • Check how many points you have by logging into your MyProtein Rewards account. Click on “Your Account” at the top of the screen and then select “MyProtein Reward Points.”
  • The MyProtein Reward Points page provides a full breakdown of your points. It shows how many points you’ve earned by shopping and how many you’ve earned from referrals.
  • Redeem these points after you complete your shopping. Once you’re in the “checkout” section of the buying process, your MyProtein Points will show up under the “Discounts” section.
  • The total number of points you’ve earned is shown here. You can then select how many of them you’d like to use for your purchase.
  • The points are automatically converted into a monetary figure. That amount is then subtracted from your order. The total is updated, and the new total is shown.
  • You can use all of the points you’ve earned at once for the biggest discount. Or you can use a portion of them and save the rest for later.
  • After your points have been applied during “checkout,” all you have to do is finish the payment process like normal.

Your MP Reward Points discount has been applied, and your new health items will arrive at your door soon.

How to Purchase MyProtein Gift Cards and Vouchers

MyProtein offers a variety of gift cards and vouchers for sale.

These make great gifts for health conscious people in your life. Anyone that regularly takes supplements or works out is sure to appreciate such a voucher.

MyProtein offers these gift cards in a variety of denominations. These range from just a few dollars all the way up to more than one hundred dollars.

A gift card can be used to purchase any products from MyProtein. They can even be combined with MyProtein Discount Codes for even better deals!

Find MyProtein gift cards and vouchers for sale in the accessories section of

Top MyProtein Products

There are hundreds upon hundreds of products available from MyProtein.

Protein Brownie and Protein Cookie from MyProtein

In addition to the standard range of protein powders and supplements, Myprotein have a great selection of snacks including cookies and brownies.


It can be difficult to sort through them all to find the best one for you. Even with the website’s intuitive search options, narrowing down the right product can be a hassle.

So, why not start with one of the company’s top products? Out of their staggering product line, a few supplements tend to sell better than others.

The most popular MyProtein products include:

Try Before You Buy

Let’s be honest here – it’s intimidating spending your money on new products you’ve never tried before.

MyProtein understands this. That’s why they offer trials on all their products to allow you to try them before you buy them. And the myprotein mystery discount is even better if you get up to 50% off with the mystery discount code.

While these trials aren’t free, they do cost much less than the real thing. For only a few dollars, MyProtein will send you a small sample of any of its products.

You can try samples of any MyProtein products including:

  • MyProtein Impact Diet Whey
  • MyProtein High Protein Cheese
  • MyProtein Pre-Workout
  • MyProtein Impact Whey Protein
  • MyProtein Thermopure “Fat Burners”

Trying MyProtein supplements before you buy them is great for anyone, but it’s especially helpful for students and others without a lot of spending money.

The deal is also great for athletes. As an athlete, you don’t want to invest money in a product that doesn’t work.

So, sample as many MyProtein supplements as it takes to find the absolute best supplement for you.

Note that you’re not required to buy the entire product even if you request a sample.

If you like it, go ahead and order the real thing (with one of our MyProtein discount codes). If you don’t like it, you don’t have to spend any more money.

Simply put, MyProtein believes in all of its products. And this is exactly the reason why they offer so many great deals and a 35% off discount code to Protein Promo and to their customers.