GoNutrition Whey More Nuts Review

Natural peanut butter fortified with whey protein, what more could you want? GoNutrition’s Whey More Nuts has that. Just. For. You!


This little pot of joy contains:

  • No added sugar
  • Zero trans fat
  • And no artificial sweeteners

Ready to support whatever your training goal, Whey More Nuts is a much better choice for you, than standard shop bought nut butters.


Right now GoNutrition currently have 2 flavours of their Whey More Nuts for you to try:

So for that chocolatey, nutty taste and texture, you’re going to want to try them both!

But before you do, keep reading this review to see what we thought about the chocolate honeycomb flavour.


Ingredients and Nutrition

Suitable for vegetarians, Whey More Nuts contains a great macro as well as an amazing micro nutrient profile. It provides a range of essential nutrients whilst also being calorie dense and high in protein.

With no hidden nasties – this nut butter is a great way to increase your fibre, protein and calories in a tasty and natural way.

The Chocolate Honeycomb flavour contains per 100g:

  • 516 kcal
  • 23g carbohydrates
  • 35g fat
  • 29g protein
  • And 4g of fibre

The milk chocolate flavour contains very similar values, but you can check them for yourself here:

Review: Chocolate Honeycomb

If you’re looking for a great tasting whey infused nut butter, then you’re going to want to try this. It’s quite moist. I tried it via the best method: Spoon – Jar – Mouth and I also used it alongside some peanut butter deluxe to make flapjacks.


You can definitely taste the honeycomb flavour, although it is slightly more subtle than I expected. Personally, I wouldn’t call it a “crunch” because there were very minimal crunchy pieces. It was almost like a smooth peanut butter and somebody just dropped a couple of pieces of honeycomb in – and in my view?

Not enough pieces.

I love that there is no nasties like palm oil and added sugar and I really enjoy the flavour, but maybe I’d like to see a few more crunchy pieces inside the jar.

Overall Rating

8/10 Great tasting – I just wish there was a little more crunch!


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