GoNutrition Pro Crunch Spread Review

Pro Crunch bars and Pro Crunch spread are some of GoNutrition’s best selling products, but are they worth the hype?

Keep reading to find out.

Pro Crunch Spread

Just like the amazing Pro-Crunch bars, GoNutrition’s team have created this tasty chocolate hazelnut Pro Crunch Spread.


Sastisfy your chocolate cravings without heading straight to the nutella, because unlike Nutella, this jar chocolatey spread contains:

  • No palm oil


  • Added whey Protein

Yet, it’s still low in sugar and gluten free. There’s no need to compromise on taste or quality because this Pro Crunch spread claims to have it all – but what did we think?

Ingredients and Nutrition


  • whey protein
  • Milk
  • Hazelnuts
  • And some sweeteners

This chocolate hazelnut spread is a great replacement micro and macro nutrient wise as opposed to Nutella and the likes.


When using a normal serving of 25g you get just:

  • 142 kcals
  • 9.75g of fat
  • 8.2g of carbohydrates
  • And a 5.3g of protein.


This spread is perfect. We absolutely loved the Pro-Crunch bars and now we have a spread to match. I love it on toast, but I’ve also used it on rice cakes, as a pancake topper and obviously straight out the jar with a spoon.

Having tried quite a few protein infused chocolate spreads, it’s taken me ages to find one, like this, that I actually enjoy the taste of. It’s not dry, crumbly or powdery and is just as smooth as nutella and other chocolate spreads.

Great flavour, great taste, great texture!




10/10 AGAIN GoNutrition are smashing it with their Pro Crunch range.


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