GoNutrition Pro Crunch Bars and Pro Crunch Spread Reviews

Pro Crunch bars and Pro Crunch spread are some of GoNutrition’s best selling products, but are they worth the hype?

Keep reading to find out.


Pro Crunch Bars

I don’t even want to waste your time with a fancy long review – because you are going to buy these Pro Crunch bars by GoNutrition. They are amazing. Incredible. And most definitely the best protein bars (taste wise) on the market.

If you’ve read a lot of my reviews, you’ll know I don’t just commend everyone. I want you guys to have well informed decisions and that means giving my most honest reviews. So, I’m going to carry on, give you all the information you need. But seriously – these are tasty!


About the Pro-Crunch Bar

Described as High-Protein meets dessert these Protein bars have taken over 12 months to develop. Miles away from the bland, chewy and tasteless protein bars your used to, these Pro Crunch Bars have taken protein snacks to another level.

These bars are the perfect choice for you, if you’re looking to replace that guilty chocolate snack with a guilt-free high proteined one. Also, protein bars can be used alongside your health and fitness plan to ensure your macros are on point.


Ingredients & nutrition

With 12 bars to a pack and over 20 grams of protein per bar – You’ll be stocked for days. There’s less than 2 grams of sugar (which you won’t believe once you try it- but it’s true) and less than 250 calories. It’s a pretty impressive nutritional profile, especially when you consider the 64 gram size of them.

Developed using predominantly milk protein but with a small addition of ingredients like:

  • Soya protein


  • Soya crispies

It’s easy to see why these are so high in punch packing protein.


With a soft gooey centre and actual caramel these protein bars were actually delicious. They tasted nothing like I have ever tried before…Well, actually that’s a lie.

They tasted nothing like any “protein bar” I’ve ever had before, but in fact, they actually tasted a lot like a Cadburys boost bar blended with a toffee crisp. Incredible.

There’s a moist brownie/fondant like centre, surrounded by crunchy crispy bits and with a good helping of caramel.

I genuinely look forward to trying more of these instead of chewing the usual cardboard protein bars we buy. Hopefully they bring out some more incredible flavours. But for now, I have a box of 12 I’m currently over half way through demolishing…



10/10 I honestly think this is the only 10/10 I have ever scored!


Ok so, I reckon these are slightly more competitively priced than the competition. But it warrants it. The competition can’t keep up with the taste and texture of these. But fear not. We have discount codes for you to use to make sure you get a great deal on these Pro Crunch bars.

You can also buy these in single packs or as a bundle with the Pro Crunch Spread that I’ve reviewed below.

Pro Crunch Spread

Just like the amazing Pro-Crunch bars, GoNutrition’s team have created this tasty chocolate hazelnut Pro Crunch Spread.


Sastisfy your chocolate cravings without heading straight to the nutella, because unlike Nutella, this jar chocolatey spread contains:

  • No palm oil


  • Added whey Protein

Yet, it’s still low in sugar and gluten free. There’s no need to compromise on taste or quality because this Pro Crunch spread claims to have it all – but what did we think?

Ingredients and Nutrition


  • whey protein
  • Milk
  • Hazelnuts
  • And some sweeteners

This chocolate hazelnut spread is a great replacement micro and macro nutrient wise as opposed to Nutella and the likes.


When using a normal serving of 25g you get just:

  • 142 kcals
  • 9.75g of fat
  • 8.2g of carbohydrates
  • And a 5.3g of protein.


This spread is perfect. We absolutely loved the Pro-Crunch bars and now we have a spread to match. I love it on toast, but I’ve also used it on rice cakes, as a pancake topper and obviously straight out the jar with a spoon.

Having tried quite a few protein infused chocolate spreads, it’s taken me ages to find one, like this, that I actually enjoy the taste of. It’s not dry, crumbly or powdery and is just as smooth as nutella and other chocolate spreads.

Great flavour, great taste, great texture!




10/10 AGAIN GoNutrition are smashing it with their Pro Crunch range.


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