TrueStart Performance Coffee Review

It’s 3pm. It’s Monday. There’s still 2 Hours of work to go and a killer gym session after. Yet, all you can think about is your bed. We’ve all been there. The longer you leave it, the harder it is to concentrate. You start flagging. You start procrastinating and by 4pm you’re probably scrolling through the Musclefood website wondering what order to make next.

That’s when you realise, you need a coffee. But, not just any coffee, TrueStart Performance Coffee! Keep reading for our review.

truestart performance coffee

Overview & Nutrition


Developed by athletes for athletes (and us normal folk who like a bit of sport), TrueStart Performance Coffee is a freeze dried coffee designed mainly for sports performance. With 95mg (give or take 20mg) of caffeine in every scoop, you’ll definitely feel the benefit.

Made with 100% pure Colombian Arabica Coffee you’ll benefit from improved mental and physical performance, alertness and an increase in your endurance levels. Perfect for that pre-workout hit!

Produced in a nut and seed free environment, as well as being gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians TrueStart Performance Coffee is perfect for everyone–unless you’re allergic to coffee, which would be pretty unlucky!

Nutritional Information Per 2g Serving Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 6.4 320
Energy (kcal) 1.5 75
Protein 0.3g 14.6g
Carbohydrates 0.09g 4.5g
of which Sugars 0.0g 0.0g
Fat 0.0g Tr
of which Saturates 0.0g Tr
Fibre 0.0g 0.0g
Sodium 1.6g 81mg
Caffeine 95mg 4.75g
Thiamin Tr 0.04mg
Niacin 0.5mg 24.8mg
Folate 0.2μg 11.0μg
Biotin 1.3mg 67mg
Magnesium 7mg 330mg

Value For Money


At just under £7 for 80g you may be mistaken into thinking that their pricing isn’t very competitive. Yes, it is slightly more expensive than some of the supermarket brands, but what it offers is something completely different. It’s a specialist product and can’t be compared to anything else on the market.

Unlike supermarket brands TrueStart Performance Coffee is the ONLY coffee with controlled NATURAL caffeine. Every 2-gram serving of TrueStart is guaranteed to be 20mg within their 95mg of caffeine, whereas most supermarket brands contain an unpredictable amount (it could literally vary between 2mg-200mg per cup!).

Another thing to take into consideration is the usual “coffee crash” which comes with most supermarket brands. TrueStart coffee has slow release energy. This is due to the high quality of the 100% natural, clean beans and the manufacturing process. This means you can feel the highs without the lows.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that TrueStart Performance coffee is Plus, it is ethically sourced from Colombia. ensuring they receive only the very best hand-picked beans.

Taste, Flavour and After Effect Review


Let’s put it this way. If I had the choice between Nescafe, Kenco or TrueStart I would 100% pick the TrueStart. It’s never going to compare to “real” home-brewed coffee for taste, but that’s not a fair comparison. What is a fair comparison is the taste difference between this and other instant coffees and this is DEFINITELY a win.

Whilst other instant coffees usually need a touch of sweetener, due to their slightly bitter flavour, TrueStart doesn’t need any. With a clean, pure taste, TrueStart comes with a scoop so you can measure out the exact amount of coffee required to make the PERFECT cup of tasty coffee without any issues. pop in your milk, hot (or cold) water, and away you go.


An hour after drinking a normal cup of coffee I start to flag, but not with TrueStart. It’s now been exactly 2 hours since I drank a mug full and I haven’t felt any form of crash. In fact, I feel more alert now than when I’d first drank it. My mental performance is on top form and I feel like I could write a million more of these reviews. So in my books, the after effect is EXACTLY as it should be.

The Effects Of Caffeine


There’s plenty of research today regarding caffeine and its effects on sports performance. Doses of 3-6mg of caffeine per kg of body weight have been proven to improve performance by around 3-4%, dependent on timing. A study by Bridge and Jones showed that runners taking a 3mg (per body weight) dose of caffeine ran 8km 24seconds faster than they did without.

As well as the positive effects on performance, coffee is also renowned for its effects on mental performance and cognitive function. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that caffeine is, in fact, a memory enhancer. They have discovered that memories are enhanced for up to 24 hours after being consumed.

Other benefits include:
  • Improvement on energy levels
  • Fat burning
  • Full of antioxidants and essential nutrients
  • Lower risk of some cancers
  • Improvements in mood
  • reduced risk of diabetes
  • and much more (source)

How To Get Yours


To get hold of a packet yourself head to Musclefood. For £6.99 you can buy yourself 1x80g packs. You can get 2 of these for £13.98 or you can buy a bumper 6 pack for JUST £39.99. Musclefood deliveries are through DPD and cost £4.95 or free with purchases over £75, why not team up your order with some of Musclefood’s great meat and nutrition deals or a side-snack like a protein Snickers? Don’t forget to use our EXCLUSIVE discount codes.


It really is a product well worth trying. Let us know your thoughts!