MyProtein Reviews: Protein Brownie & Protein Muffin Mix

MyProtein have developed their Bake At Home Range filled with Protein Brownie Mixes, Mug Cakes, pancake mixes, Protein Muffin Mixes and loads more. You obviously want to know what these amazing high protein bakes are like – which is why we’ve tried and reviewed them for you! 

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth and aspiring protein chefs.

Protein Brownie Mix

With the reduced stress of baking home cooked brownies from scratch, this mix makes it so easy. All it requires is:

  • Some yogurt
  • An egg
  • And a touch of milk

It’s super quick, easy and completely eradicates the confusion and annoyance of starting from scratch – it also saves on washing up (bonus).

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

Though, if you’re rubbish at baking, like me, it’s still easy to forget ingredients. I managed to completely forget about the egg the first time I made this and ended up with a giant crumbly mess *Face Palm*.


To make it you need 6 scoops (150g) of protein brownie mix. 5 scoops makes around 16 portions, but it really depends on the size you cut the squares and how much you plan to eat.

Made using Rolled oats and whey protein, this protein brownie mix is extremely Moorish.

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

Here are the nutritionals of the mix as sold, (don’t forget you need to add eggs, milk and yoghurt).

Macros As Sold:

  • Protein – 57% – 76g
  • Carbohydrates – 29% – 39g
  • Fat – 14% – 6g


Per 100g Per whole mix(150g)
Energy 364 kcal 546 kcal
Fat 5.3 g 6 g
of which saturates 1.7 g 2.5 g
Carbohydrates 26 g 39 g
of which sugars 3.1 g 4.7 g
Fibre 8.1 g 12.1 g
Protein 51 g 76 g
Salt 1.0 g 1.50 g

How To Make:

  • Mix 150g of Protein Brownie Mix with 175g of Greek yoghurt, 45g of milk and an egg
  • Whisk or blend into a smooth batter
  • Grease up a baking tray – we used coconut oil to do this.
  • Pop the baking tray in a pre-heated oven (around 180 degrees)
  • Cook for 18 – 20 minutes or pop a fork or toothpick in it, if it comes out clear it’s cooked and ready to be gobbled up.

My Thoughts

For some reason, I figured this would come out chewy and dry like many protein bars, but it was delicious and especially good while still warm. I wish I had some ice-cream to go with it – warm brownies and vanilla ice-cream are life.

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

The second time I made these I add in a giant handful of chocolate chips, just to add to the gooey, chocolatey goodness. It did not disappoint. 

Also, I recommend you lick the spoon on this one – the mix tastes incredible before cooking and smells even better whilst cooking.

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

But please remember to put the egg in it – the crumbly mess I made the first time tasted good but I had to spoon it in my mouth like bread crumbs.

Protein Muffin Mix

When you can bake a batch of tasty protein muffins in under 15 minutes, why wouldn’t you?

Created using different protein sources including:

  • Whey
  • Egg
  • And milk protein

These protein cupcakes are a quick and easy way to boost your protein intake.

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

They are so easy to make and only require a few ml’s of milk and some coconut oil. So they’re perfect for anyone who enjoys the joy of baking without the stress and washing up that comes with it.


3.5 scoops (100g) makes approximately 4 standard size muffins. You could stretch this out to make 6 – but they would be rather small and un-muffin-like.

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

Macro wise, for the whole 4 muffins (as sold) will be:

  • Protein – 41% – 36g
  • Carbohydrates – 48% – 42g
  • Fat – 11% – 4g

Nutritional Info (as sold):

Per 100g *RI
Energy 1523 kJ/360 kcal 18%
Fat 4.4 g 6%
of which saturates 1.6 g 8%
Carbohydrates 42 g 16%
of which sugars 26 g 29%
Protein 36 g 72%
Salt 3.3 g 55%

How To Make:

Even easier than the protein brownie mix all this muffin mix requires is coconut oil and milk.

  • Take two tablespoons of coconut oil and microwave until liquid
  • Mix coconut oil and 100g of muffin mix with 100ml of milk (skimmed, whole, semi – whatever you prefer/fits your macros)
  • Once mixed, separate into 4-6 portions either straight into a muffin tray or in muffin paper
  • Cook for 12-15 minutes or until golden on top

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

My Thoughts:

Although tasty, I did find them slightly dry and plain – I suppose using unflavoured mix could be the cause of that. My second attempt at making them I decided to add some chocolate chips and some Toffee FlavDrops to add to the flavour and it helped with the taste, although they were still slightly dry.

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

Many people have suggested blending up a banana and adding some fruit to soften it up – some suggest adding more coconut oil, I haven’t tried these suggestions just yet, but if you have please let me know.

Not as good as a real, highly calorific triple chocolate muffin – but I never expected it to be. It was, however, a pretty good, macro fitting substitute.

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

Other Tasty Alternatives:

As well as the tasty Protein Brownie Mix and High Protein Muffin Mix MyProteins bake at home range has so much more to offer. You could try their Protein Pancake mix – which we highly recommend. The Protein Cookie mix – which we are yet to try, but if it’s anything like their ready made Protein cookies it will be delightful. A High protein Flapjack Mix, Protein Custard AND High Protein Mug Cakes. The range is stocked full of goodies and you can check them all out on the Myprotein website.

Protein Brownie Mix and Protein Muffin Mix

Price and deals:

As with all MyProtein products, Protein Promo can really help you get the best offer possible, find out what we have on offer right now on our MyProtein page.

**As of Writing** A kilogramme of The Protein Brownie Mix should cost you £16.49


The Protein Muffin Mix retails at £14.49 per kilo 

however, we managed to get both for £11.37 and £9.87 respectively. To keep your eyes peeled for offers like this – why not bookmark our MyProtein offers page.