Muscle Food Christmas Range Review : What’s Included?

It’s Christmas time. Now that Halloween is out of the way we can start making preparations for Christmas day, and what’s the most important part of Christmas? The beautiful gourmet food of course. If only you could do all your Christmas food shopping online on one easy convenient website – oh wait, you can. Musclefood has just launched their 2017 Christmas range

Luxury Premium Turkey Hamper

What could be better than our favourite online meat supplier doing crimbo? Nothing, except our cheeky hidden discount codes (obviously). The great taste award winning company have gone above and beyond with this range. Not only do they have quality, great taste award winning turkey, but they also have all the beef, pork, trimmings, veg, treats, cheese you could need.

Why buy your Christmas meat online?

Why not? Back in the day many people were reluctant about buying meat online, that was until Musclefood. Rated OVER 9 out of 10 on Trustpilot, they are definitely doing something right for the online meat industry. Excuses like “I like to buy from local farms” just don’t cut it anymore when Musclefood IS supplying you meat from said local British farms, for better prices than the supermarkets too.

Providing meat of such a high calibre which is both convenient and high quality is a tough job which is why Musclefood works tirelessly to bring these great offers to you.

Christmas dinner

Imagine walking round your local supermarket to pick up your Christmas turkey, only to find it’s not in stock and you’ll have to buy the expensive one instead? With buying your Christmas meat online that just doesn’t happen.

How inconvenient is it when you go to the shop for just ONE item and it’s sold out, infuriating right? With Musclefood you’re less likely to end up in a predicament like this, and thanks to their helpful and friendly customer service team – even if it did happen, you will always know when an item will be back in stock.

Hampers and products in Musclefood’s Christmas Range

Christmas dinner in my house is full of food. Fishy starters, Chocolatey desserts, cheese boards and of course a massive Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings. I found it really hard to believe that I would be able to get ALL of these from one online shop, but with Musclefoods Christmas range, I actually can, and I’m pretty excited!!

In the range they have:


I’m not going to go into detail about every hamper because there’s quite a lot but why not click the links and have a quick browse for yourself – you won’t regret it.

Just look at the offer below!

Turkey hamper christmas musclefood


But, you don’t have to grab a hamper – Head over to one of the category pages below to grab yourself a fully makeshift Christmas order with all your favourite foods!

Turkey Poultry and Game

Featuring foods like:

  • Corn Fed Chicken and Pheasants
  • Oven Ready Partridges
  • Luxury Turkeys
  • Luxury Four Bird Roast with Stuffing
  • Gressingham Free Range Duck
  • Gressingham Free Range Goose
  • Fresh Wild Venison

Beef Joints and Steak

Featuring foods like: christmas musclefood brochure

  • Free Range Beef Topside
  • Free range sirloin and ribeye roasting joints
  • Matured Free Range Sirloin, Rump, Ribeye and Fillet Steaks
  • Picanha Steaks
  • and so much more

Speciality Pork and Ham

  • Luxury Sausage Selections
  • Ham and Gammon joints
  • Pigs in blankets
  • Pork and Cranberry sausages
  • Pork Sausage Meat
  • Bacon


  • Classic Christmas Trimmings hampers
  • Luxury Sausage Selections
  • Pigs in blankets
  • Gravy
  • Luxury Goose Fat
  • Organic Cranberry Sauce

Gluten Free

  • GF Meat Hampers
  • Gluten Free Sausages
  • GF Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls
  • Gluten Free Sausage Meat

Fresh Fish

  • Normal and marinated smoked salmon
  • normal and marinated salmon fillets
  • Fish pie mix
  • Atlantic Scallops
  • Tuna fillets
  • Swordfish
  • Seabass fillets

Festive Cheeseboard

  • Bouncing Berry® Cranberry Cheddar
  • Amber Mist® Whisky Cheddar
  • Green Thunder® Garlic & Herb Cheddar
  • Colston Basset Stilton
  • Luxury Mature Cheddar Selection – 3 Cheeses
  • Creamy Brie du Pays
  • Strong Lancashire Cheese
  • French Comté Cheese
  • Lincolnshire Poacher and French Goat’s Cheese
  • Halloumi and Feta

Festive vegetables

  • Vegetable hampers
  • roasting potatoes
  • carrots
  • Parsnips
  • Cabbage and Brussel sprouts
  • Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Onions
  • Green beans, satsumas and Kale
  • Mangetout

Festive Treats

  • Christmas cake
  • Protein Pop shots (3 different flavours)
  • Protein Chocolate bars
  • Tanzanian Origin Chocolate
  • Protein Pralines
  • High Protein balls
  • Chocolate Coconut Almonds
  • Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate Clusters
  • Protein Crispies

As well as all of these awesome food products, you could also buy a Musclefood gift voucher for the health conscious meat eaters among you. From: £5 – £100 – Maybe next year they’ll make the Christmas dinner in return!

Christmas Dinner from Musclefood With Money Off

Partnering a range of these hampers and products could leave you with an OUTSTANDING Christmas dinner, everyone will want to spend Christmas at yours – And you don’t even need to tell them how little it cost you. If only we celebrated Thanksgiving in the UK, two turkey dinners in the space of a month sounds like bliss to me.

PLUS you can get all of this plus more by heading over to our Musclefood page.

Christmas deliveries with Musclefood

online Christmas Shopping

Many of these products are EXCLUSIVELY for Christmas, so to ensure the freshest possible delivery Musclefood will be delivering these orders between the 12th and 23rd of December. However any product not exclusive to the Christmas range you’ll be able to order as usual – check the individual products to find out more.

Deliveries are through DPD which means you can track your order online, ask for it to be left in a safe location or pick it up from a local store. All fresh produce will come packaged in Musclefood’s temperature controlled packaging to ensure it will stay fresh for up to 48 hours!