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Recommended Top 5 Iron Supplements in the UK

Top 5 Iron Supplements

Ongoing fatigue, pale skin, dizziness, shortness of breath, a cold feeling in hands and feet may be due to iron-deficiency anemia. Taking iron pills or a liquid iron supplement, along with a healthy diet, can restore your energy. The best iron supplement for you depends on the results of your hemoglobin or red blood cell count test.


Spatone Liquid Iron Dual Pack

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Spatone Liquid Iron Dual Pack – Pack of 14 + 28 Sachets, offers an alternative to metallic-tasting iron pills. As lots of people have trouble swallowing vitamins and supplement pills, with iron supplements receiving most of the complaints. Iron pills have a metallic taste or aftertaste and tend to be larger than other vitamins.

The iron in the packets comes from iron-rich mineral water collected in Snowdonia, North Wales. No other water is added, and the iron water has no side effects. This natural, iron-infused water provides a way to boost iron level for children and adults who lack the stomach or taste buds for iron pills.

The liquid his somewhat bland, although some users say it has a bad taste. You can add this supplement to your morning fruit juice if you want to improve the taste. Each sachet contains 5 mg of elemental iron, a powerful alternative to ferrous sulphate.

Suitable for the entire family, even children two years or older, Spatone Liquid Iron has no has no artificial colours or flavours, sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten, fish/shellfish, nuts, soy, yeast, GMOs or dairy/lactose.


Solvotrin Active Iron Tablets

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Active Iron is a new iron supplement, which has been clinically proven to have better absorption than other ferrous sulphate iron tablets, but avoids the unpleasant side effects. Active Iron has double the iron absorption versus ferrous sulphate while being so gentle on the digestive system it can be taken on an empty stomach.

It’s tough on tiredness, but kind on the digestive system, Active Iron is clinically proven to double iron delivery, while avoiding the side-effects experienced by many.

Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, to normal energy-yielding metabolism, to normal cognitive function, to normal oxygen transport in the body, to normal formation of red blood cells & haemoglobin, and to the normal function of the immune system. Suitable for Pregnancy, Periods, Exercisers & Vegetarians.


Floradix Iron Supplement Tablets

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These iron tablets don’t just contain iron but they also contain vitamins, folic acid and herbal extracts too. If your body is in need of an increase in energy and vitality then these iron supplements could be the best for you.

Providing your body with Iron vitamin B, Vitamin C and folic acid couldn’t be easier. These tablets are  easy to swallow, sugar coated and contain no preservatives, no colourings, no flavourings.

due to liquid formula with herbs, The tablets offer good absorption.


Innopure IRON Supplement

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These Iron supplements from Innopure help contribute to your cognitive function, metabolism, oxygen transportation, immune system, formation of blood cells and even contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

Just one tablet a day could dramatically transform your life. Plus it’s suitable for almost everyone as it’s Free from: artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, starch, milk, lactose, soya, gluten, wheat, yeast or porcine


Floradix Liquid Iron Formula

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This natural iron supplement contains ferrous gluconate iron aswell as vitamins B, c and herbs. It’s an easily absorbed liquid formula that helps enable your red blood cells to effectively carry oxygen around your body.

This liquid is suitable for vegetarians and thanks to the combination of herbs and fruit juices help counteract constipation normally associated with iron preparations

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