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About Graze

Ok, so its snack time! What do you grab, the bag of crisps in your pantry? The tin of biscuits on top of the cabinet? How about that leftover pizza in the fridge from last night? Do you wish that snacking was easier and healthier for you? That’s why Graze offers delicious and nutritious food products, delivered straight to your door.

Launched in 2008 in the UK, Graze was created by 7 friends who believed that the healthiest snack options could also be the most delicious. By expanding business into the United States in 2013, Graze is ready to take its snacking philosophy worldwide.

With over 200 different products to choose from, Graze offers many ways you can enjoy healthy snacking. You can purchase a subscription and receive regular shipments tailored to your specific tastes, or you can buy snacks individually at your own pace. Subscriptions to Graze start at £3.99 per box, while individual products range from £2.49 to £12.99 on average. Even better, Graze allows you to save your dietary preferences so the site can recommend more products that fit your tastes. An algorithm called DARWIN (Decision Algorithm Rating What Ingredient is Next) is used to customize your box based of your profile preferences and order history.

Graze believes that the diverse ingredients found in nature make the best snacks. That is why all of their products are made with 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, flavours, or colors. In addition, each order is a perfectly balanced proportion—just enough for a satisfying pick-me up. A team of nutritionists work on every product, to make sure that it is the appropriate quality.

Graze is also committed to valuing customer feedback. Customers are encouraged to let the team know what they think about their products, which allows to the team to refine and come up with even better snacks for you.

Best Selling Products

Looking for some suggestions? Try the:

Chocolate Pretzel Dipper: Homemade pretzel sticks with a smooth cocoa and hazelnut dip. Perfect for those who want something both sweet and salty.

Lightly Salted Popcorn: At only 127 calories a bag, it’s a good microwaveable snack at your work desk, or while watching relaxing and watching TV.

Apple and Carrot Defense w/ Chia: A snack meant to boost your immune system, made from zesty carrot chews, apples, blanched almonds and raspberry chia bites – high in vitamin C to protect cells from stress.

Maple Protein Flapjack: Brand new flapjacks made from rustic oats and superfoods, with a touch of natural maple and maca for sweetness. Each bite is designed to be source of nourishing energy.

Mexican Style Smoked Cheese: Essentially a taco in a box, the savory flavor of beans, corn and smoked gouda will make you say “Dios mio!”

Free Delivery

Delivery for all Graze products is totally free! In addition, you can choose how frequently you want to receive Graze deliveries, be it bi-weekly, weekly, or every fortnight.

Free Product Offers

Graze also offer ways to get free products. By creating an account, Graze can send promotional discounts and deals straight to your inbox. Following Graze on social media can net you free stuff as well!

Philanthropic Efforts

A portion of Graze’s profits goes towards sustainable farming efforts in regions affected by poverty and famine.