Mike L

Mike L

I'm Mike and I'm the founder and owner here at ProteinPromo.com.

I started the site in 2015, after becoming frustrated when purchasing meat and other protein based products online. When scouring around for the best deals and offers, there seemed to be a real lack in accurate and up-to-date websites, and trawling through the generic deals/voucher sites was a chore with expired offers and codes that didn’t actually work.

I wanted to create a friendly site that people could rely on when shopping for a great whey protein deal, with the knowledge that deals were tested and actually worked.

I’ve been making websites since I was 16 in my bedroom! I’ve got a degree in Web Development (BSc First Class Honours) from Manchester Metropolitan University and now run my own business from home. I manage the day-to-day running of ProteinPromo and handle the marketing, design and development of the site.

I’ve been keen on fitness since I went to University in 2012. I wanted to ditch the chubby teenager look, so threw on some old trainers and took up running. Running eventually happened on the treadmill, which lead me into the weights area of the gym. After many hours spent reading sites like muscleandstrength.com and I was hooked. I’ve been lifting weights ever since then, which eventually lead me to buying whey protein and a range of other sports nutrition products.

When I’m not at my desk working on ProteinPromo, I’m either weight training in the gym, out in the fresh air running, taking an evening stroll or avoiding getting sun burnt thanks to my pasty complexion!

Get in touch with me through our contact form over here and I’ll try get back to you as quick as I can!

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